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Artifact 2018.001

Current Mood  by Heidi Reszies

artist's book | edition of 9 | machine-stitched accordion structure | letterpress printed on Stonehenge & Crane Lettra paper | paint sample cards | book cloth covered drop spine case | 20 pages | 4.5 x 6 .25 inches


Heidi Reszies is a transdisciplinary artist living in Richmond, Virginia. Her poetry has appeared in literary journals including Forklift OhioSalt Hill, SUSAN/the Journal, Gramma, LEVELER, Fog Machine, La Vague Journal, Queen of Cups, Kelsey Street, and Dream Pop Press. She is the author of two full-length poetry collections: Illusory Borders (The Operating System, 2019) and Of Water & Other Soft Constructions (selected by Samiya Bashir as winner of the 2018 Anhinga-Dana Prize for Poetry).